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Edwards of Conwy

A Proper Butcher

Stock up the freezer!

Our shop is closing for a complete refit from Saturday 29th March (2.00pm) until Thursday 17th April 2014. For our local customers an extended range of our products will be available from Spar here in Conwy. Unfortunately, we will be unable to accept internet or mail order requests from Thursday 27th March until the shop reopens on Thursday 17th April.

In the meantime may we thank our customers for their continued support and patience.

We’ve been butchers for over 30 years so we know that to make great products you need good quality ingredients.

Ieuan Edwards

Welsh Sausages

“Sausage making should always be an art and never a science!” Ieuan Edwards

We at Edwards of Conwy are amongst the most decorated butchers in the whole of the United Kingdom winning local, national and international awards for our mouthwatering products, particularly famous for our sausages and burgers.

Should you require any sausage in thin link instead of thick or vice versa, we can do this providing you place an order for 5kg or more of your chosen sausage.

Special Sausages, for people with special dietary needs.
Gluten free sausages are available to order, due to the precise need to avoid cross contamination during the sausage making process in order to achieve gluten free status, these sausages are made in batches and therefore sold frozen. 
Everyone should be able to enjoy our sausages!
Should you have a special dietary need not listed above, please enquire, we will do what we can to help. Minimum order of the dietary sausage is 5kg and may take a few days to produce such an order.
Our philosophy is simple, we use quality ingredients from start to finish such as succulent cuts of shoulder meat and quality bespoke seasonings. These ingredients are then butchered, minced and mixed using traditional methods by people who genuinely care about standards. Finally, we link our sausages, again using traditional methods.